Technology is my Ikigai,

Design is my Lego.


I live in India and currently pursuing a bachelor in information technology. It’s been 4 years of me being a design enthusiast, and since 2017 I have been practicing as a multi-disciplinary digital designer working with startups. Most of my work and skills until now revolve around crafting experiences for websites and apps. I believe everyone has an analytical core which a designer can leverage for a wider perspective with good communication and empathy. I am a self-taught designer hence my curiosity for design and tech has never been limited to my classroom education. Got a lot to bring to the table. Just trust me 👊


I am a really creative and self-driven individual who is not really into riding on anyone’s coattails. The thing I have of my own is my will to improve, rest is either given, loaned or acquired and doesn’t really matter to me at a deeper level. I was put into a lot of leadership positions in my childhood and thanks to that, I failed fast and failed cheap. It’s been a while I grew up as a person who is less about entitlement and ego and more about a collective effort to create something successful and relevant. Also might be a turnoff, but I don’t Netflix and chill. Always ready to grab a beer though. 🍻

Life gives you the best palette.

Se my wannabe photographer side on instagram. @divyakant360

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