My name is Divya Kant Singh.

I am an Indian self-taught designer with a background in computer. And I mostly think in grey.

My journey in design started in my undergrads back in 2017. I did independent work for quick money and interned at small startups for early industry experience. I have been my manager since the start - googling, bluffing, learning, and optimizing my pitch and taste. My foundation is built on "this feels weird, need to fix it" more than any blog or book I have read on design. I frequently go beyond designing screens and experiment with code and no-code. Previously I have worked with Agile teams.

In my downtime - I go for walks to self-reflect, browse new tech, explore indie music, play video games, or visualize a better interior for my room. I wish to explore Europe one day, start a brewery, and do a lot more things which are laughable right now.

Oh, and also I like clicking and editing photos 📸 Though this has taken a backseat for now.

If I sound like a fit, please drop me a message to check my availability. You can find other details here