I plan the look and working of software by preparing drawings, concepts, interface, visuals, and sometimes even codes. read more

Prev. Design Intern @Unacademy

New Grad 2021

Side project ranked 4th

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Projects 🚩

No Code Pages - Build sites and apps on Notion without coding

A project I built that lets people make websites without coding. It leverages Notion as a minimal web builder and delivers Custom Domains, Analytics, Google Fonts, Live Chat, eCommerce through BMAC / Gumroad. Started in JUN 2020, No Code Pages has made $3000 in revenue from 120 customers until OCT 2020. Featured on -,,, and

Simplifying decision making on WhatsApp through polls

24-hour design assignment I pulled off as a part of my internship application process for Razorpay. The project pitches a polling feature for WhatsApp designed around the idea of making group discussions more decisive. Had a lot of fun doing this.

Building an eCommerce MVP in a month from ground up

Helped build an MVP of an animal-themed fashion and accessories store to let the client test the idea for growth. My function was to lead the overall design as a single designer along with helping developers with the front-end done on WordPress and WooCommerce. The project lasted for two months or so and generated 13 sales in the first week of launch.

Redesigning a B2B landing for a visually balanced experience

The project is about redesigning an old corporate landing page of a Berlin-based IT outsourcing company. Didn't research a lot, I was driven by intuition. Had to deal with lengthy copies. Tried to solve this with a good visual hierarchy and illustrations to balance the feel.

Experiments 🧪

Dribbble - UI / Interaction / Motion / Art

I keep experimenting with my style and taste in design as an attempt to create something new. Sometimes I do succeed!

Experience 🥽

JUL 2020 - OCT 2020


Product Design Intern

JAN 2018 - MAY 2020


Founding Designer

FEB 2020 - MAR 2020


Product Designer

JUN 2019 - AUG 2019


Interaction Designer

FEB 2019 - APR 2019

UX India

UX Design Intern

Did all sorts of things while starting. And the scale of each was different. Find details of the work I did in my resume.

Bio ✨

My name is Divya Kant Singh. I am currently based in India.

As a designer

How good or bad I am as a designer is already up there. I have done my undergrad in information technology. I like to go beyond designing screens and create real things. I love UI, motion, and codes. I'll ask you to specify if we are making money or improving the experience. And my consideration for function and delight are at parity. My last manager said that I don't need a lot of context from others to begin my work and it's a good thing.

As an individual

The best way to find this out is to talk and judge for yourself. To give you a picture: I think in grey - politically and socially, spend time browsing new tech, play video games, click random photos, got an appreciation for wooden aesthetics, and I am a beer fanatic who wants to start a brewery one day. Used to be an athlete in school now I consume blue-light all day. And I often have trouble identifying myself as a designer.

Working with me should be fun if you readily have difficult conversations and believe in a connected team, for work and chill. 📄🎨🥂🍗

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Happy to have a virtual chat, always up to know new people. You can use the below link to schedule a meet as you prefer.

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